Why Enum

Why install and use Enum for your business and projects

We created Enum to help you with assisting your users after hours. If you can't sit at your computer for 24 hours, AI can. If you can't find the answer fastly, the AI can.

Easy installing and using

All you need to do to start using the Enum chatbot is to register at Enum and install the Crisp plugin, the chatbot will be automatically added to your project (an entity where you store your data along the chatbots and settings, is created automatically too).

Live testing

Before publishing the chatbot on your website, you can live-test it right in the Enum dashboard.

AI at your service

Load your own documents

You can load textual information, a whole website, and PDF files. All the information is indexed, split into chunks, and stored in the database for fast search context that then will be used by ChatGPT for answering the questions.

Include the links in the response

When the chatbot responds it may include the links to the source web pages with the relevant information.

Conversational AI

Now, the chatbot remembers the context and can keep the conversation. Formally, it can access the latest 5 pairs of "question-answer". So far, this was pretty enough. But let us know if you think it should be the longer list.

Language support

Extensive language support, including automatic language detection and the ability to communicate in 107 languages

Modern models are available

For the "Key" plan you can choose, which GPT model to use: now GPT-3 and GPT-4 are available. For all other plans, GPT-3 is available.

Custom prompts

You can use your own prompt that can replace or supplement the default one.


Add the chatbot name and change the default icon.

Custom buttons

You can add a set of buttons to every response: up- and downvote, request a human, and resolve the conversation.

Seamless integration with Crisp

Easy Installation and Automation

The best thing with Enum chatbot is that you should not install two different chatboxes - one for AI, and another one for live agents. All of them can use the same chatbox: when you are online, you disable the AI and answer questions on your own; after hours you enable the chatbot; but you can enable it even when you are online, let the chatbot answer common questions, and join the conversation when a user needs human help - then the chatbot will be turned off automatically (you can re-run the session from our UI).

Also, your chatbot can re-run again when you or your user resolve the conversation.

Work with Crisp Triggers side-by-side

If you use the Crisp Triggers plugin (opens in a new tab) you can say the Enum chatbot to wait for N seconds and, if not Trigger answered the user's question, answer on its own. This logic prevents racing with Triggers and duplicate responses.

Integration with other channels that are integrated into Crips

Currently, you can with just one click integrate these channels:

  • Aircall
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Twilio
  • WhatsApp

Great support

We are ready to answer your questions no matter if you are on a free or paid plan. All customers are the same valuable to us. When we are out of the office, our chatbot may help.