A project is a place where you add data sources of the same topics. For example, you may have a separate project for your project, a website, or a group of websites.

Add a new project

To add a new project, click the My projects menu item on the left menu bar, then click the All projects link and the Add a project button.


In the showing popup enter the name and description (optional), then click the OK button:


You will be redirected to the project's page with an empty list of data sources.

Add a data source

As soon as a project is created you may add the data source. A data source is a piece of information to be indexed and searched by our engine. Read more on the data source documentation page (opens in a new tab).

Click the "Add a new source" button and then select the corresponding type of data sources:



At the moment, you can add data sources of 3 types: PDF file, plain text, or a web site.

Project's settings

After a project is created you may edit some its properties. For a given project, click the Settings link:


The second tab has the AI tuning settings.


Here you can change:

  • project's name
  • project's description
  • the OpenAI key
  • the ChatGPT model
  • custom prompt and its setting
  • custom messages.

The custom prompt you enter here will be available in both: interaction and the chatbot. If you leave the "Replace the default prompt" switch unchecked, your prompt will be added to our default prompt, else it will be fully replaced.

You can specify what the chatbot should say when it:

  1. Doesn't know the answer
  2. Is asked to talk to a human.

Please note, that using your own OpenAI key and AI models (including GPT-4) are available only for the "Key" plan.


If you specify both models - in the General settings and for a project, the project model is prevalent.


Creating a good prompt could be tricky. But now we provided several pieces of advice, to read them please click the Good prompts: tips & tricks icon, and the side panel will be open.



Using metadata

You now can add metadata in the prompt, currently, the language of the question is available. If you want the chatbot to answer always in the language of question (that is detected automatically), use the following syntax:

... Answer in the {language} language.

Just add the "language" word wrapped with curly brackets, and then, during the preprocessing of your prompt, it will be converted into a normal string (the exact value varies according to the question's language):

... Answer in the French language.

Deleting project

If you scroll down to the end of the settings page you will see the "danger zone":


Click the Delete project button if you'd like to delete a project but be aware that all the associated data sources as well as interactions will be deleted too.