Chat plugins
Why Crisp chatbot?

What is the Crisp chatbox?

The (Crisp)[ (opens in a new tab)] chat is a great tool that provides a channel to communicate with your users.

Basically, it's a chatbox that can be installed on your website.


To install it, you just copy a small code snippet onto your web page:


Then you configure its settings in your Crisp dashboard:



Please refer to the Crisp user guide (opens in a new tab) for details on the installation and configuration of your chatbot.

Why Crisp chatbox?

We found Crisp pretty versatile and mature product that can save you not only your users but a lot of time. Crisp has a free tier which makes it perfect for small projects and businesses. Also, it has a developed plugin infrastructure that allows us, as a third-party company, to develop pretty complicated solutions that will amplify and enrich your experience.

How can Enum enrich your Crisp experience?

As the Crisp chatbot is intended for interaction between a user and the operator, we saw many times situations where we needed help but couldn't get it due to all the operators being unavailable. It could happen for a number of reasons:

  • there is only one operator in the company and he/she is not available right now
  • the whole team is located in a different time zone and it's nighttime at their place
  • an operator may be available but for some reason, he/she didn't see your message.

Whatever the reason is you will not get an instant response and it may be a very frustrating experience, especially if something goes wrong (what can happen at any moment). This is why we developed the chatbox that can be integrated into the existing chat solution and can provide your users with an instant response based on your own knowledge base.

Some use cases for using the Enum chatbot

  • A user wants to get an instant answer to their question about your product, service, or anything else
  • a user can find the answer on their own but it's hard to find it among many pages of documentation or manuals.

The advantages of using the Enum chatbot

  • A user can get the relevant answer no matter if you are online or offline
  • a chatbot can not only answer a question but also provide a user with relevant links
  • it can speak in the user's language (currently, it speaks in 107 languages)
  • the behavior can be automated - for example, it is paused as soon as a human operator joins the conversation
  • it's 100% white-labeled
  • it's customizable so you can provide it look in your style
  • besides the data you provide it with, it can answer the more common questions (limited by the capabilities of the ChatGPT engine).