Frequency Asked Questions



What is Enum

EnumTech(R) is a Canada-based company that has a SaaS-based product called Enum (opens in a new tab). We help individuals and businesses to improve their experience using AI technologies.

When we launched

We launched in May 2023.

How did you come up with the idea?

The founder, Katherine Mitrich (Kleymenova) came up with this idea several years ago, after 6-hour waiting in the queue to resolve an issue with the Internet provider. That time, she tried to find a way to connect existing chat solutions with AI but failed. In 2023, as soon as ChatGPT came out, she remembered the old idea - this is how the Enum was born.

Payments and subscriptions

If I use my own OpenAI key on a "Key" plan, why should I pay you?

You pay a small fee that partially covers the costs of running our service. You probably don't know but under the hood, it's a very complicated and pretty expensive system containing many elements such as databases, hosting our web application, and connecting to other services (for example, in some cases, we use a paid crawling service to make the process of crawling websites smoother).

AI and ChatGPT

Where do I enter an OpenAI key?

You enter it in your account's settings;


Is it safe to enter my OpenAI key and then save it in your system?

We store all such information (like the OpenAI key and your password encrypted). Of course, nowadays, there is always some risk of data breach but currently, it would be pretty hard to crack all these keys - we use the SHA-256 algorithm which is almost impossible to crack.

Where do I select an OpenAI model to be used?

It can be selected in 2 places:

  1. In your account settings:


  1. In your project's settings:


Why do we have these settings in two different places? You may want to set a model for most of your projects, like a default one, and then set a different model for a specific project.

Which AI do you use?

We generate answers via OpenAI ChatGPT (opens in a new tab).

Which models do you use?

To create embeddings, we use the text-embedding-ada-002 model. For generating responses, we use the gpt-3.5-turbo, gpt-4, and gpt-4-turbo models. Please note that two latter models are available for users who bought the "Key" plan. Also, lower models like Curie and DaVinci are available.

Enum plugin for Crisp

General questions

How to install the Crisp chatbot on my website?

Please follow the Crisp guide (opens in a new tab).

How do I connect the Crisp chatbot and Enum?

Please follow our guide on installing the Crisp plugin (opens in a new tab).

My chatbot isn't working!

There are several reasons why it may not work (by working we mean the chatbot is answering your users' questions).

  1. Check if the Enum plugin for Crisp was installed and integrated successfully. If you see this, it means you actually didn't install the plugin:


  2. Check if your chatbot is enabled.


  1. Check if you have more than other projects and accounts with the same chatbots. We do not prohibit creating multiple accounts with us (if it doesn't break our terms) but it happens with some of our users that they forgot about already existing accounts with the same bot. When a new message is coming our inner application looks for any project by the website id and there is no guarantee it will be a "right" project. So, if it's your case, just sign in using another browser, then find the project and remove the chatbot you don't want to be confused with.

  2. Check your OpenAI account (for those who are on the "Key" plan). If you are out of your credits, no more calls to ChatGPT can be made until you pay.

How to prevent the chatbot from interrupting the conversation with an agent?

There is a setting you can use to pause the chatbot as soon as an agent joins the conversation. It can be found in the chatbot's settings, on the Custom Behaviour & Automation tab, in the Chatbot in session tab:


The chatbot's responses are too short (or too verbose), how to fix it?

You may create a custom prompt where you describe the style of responding. For example, if the responses are too short you may write "Respond in a polite, verbose manner explaining every single detail" or something like that. This setting is available on the project's settings page, on the AI Settings tab:


Here you also can check the Replace the default prompt switch (if it's not turned on, your custom prompt will be added to our default prompt).

What is the default prompt and should I replace it or not?

The default prompt is not just a prompt, it's a combination of prompts and code to help achieve the best results while using the ChatGPT. It has such features as language detection and others.

Can the chatbot keep a casual conversation?

Yes, it can. You may ask it about common things, greet, or even invite for a date.

Crawling and indexing

When I crawl my website your system can't find any pages or too few, why?

There could be several reasons for that:

  1. Your website is protected too hard. We already cope with CloudFlare protection but it may be even harder. Check with your provider if they protect your website from crawling by bots.
  2. Your website is dynamic that is the content is loaded by JavaScript dynamically which currently, we are not able to read.
  3. Check if your website should (or should not) use the "www" prefix.

When I started crawling/indexing, everything went okay but then I got an error

If you see an error message while indexing, it may mean that something went wrong. Possible reasons:

  • you lost the Internet connection
  • there was an error on the server
  • the server was down.

Although there are several reasons, none of them is fatal for your indexing process. During the crawling and indexing process, we update your data source on a regular base, so no data is lost. During the indexing, we also uncheck every URL that was indexed so if the process suddenly stops you can continue with other pages. To continue, just refresh the page in your browser, and click the Keep crawling or Start indexing - whatever you started, the corresponding process will be start from the point where it stopped.