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Installing the chatbot Crisp plugin

What is Crisp?

Crisp (opens in a new tab) is an all-in-one business messaging platform that gathers teams, conversations, data and knowledge in one place.

What is the Support AI ChatBot plugin?

We created this plugin to allow your users and visitors to ask questions on your website about your company, product, and any other materials and data without the need for you to be there.

What are the benefits?

  1. You don't have to be at your computer 24/7, without the risk of losing customers.
  2. Our chatbot can answer questions much faster than you would.
  3. Our chatbot can answer questions in a more precise manner.
  4. Our chatbot is based on ChatGPT (currently) so it's much smarter than a usual chatbot.
  5. The chatbot knowledge is only limited by the guides, materials, and any other documentation you provide.

To run the chatbot you don't need to create long, unreliable workflows. All you need is to simply register at Enum (opens in a new tab), upload files and/or scrape your own website. You also need to install this plugin, of course.

So, here is the full guide on installing and running your smart chatbot:


  1. To register and install the chatbox on Crisp, please follow the Crisp documentation

  2. Set up an account and create a chatbox for your website, then add the corresponding code to your website. It's a pretty straightforward process, please refer to the comprehensive article (opens in a new tab).

Install the Enum plugin

To give us permission to listen to your messages and answer them, you need to install our free Plugin.

  1. In the left menu, click the Plugins button:


  1. Find the Enum plugin, then click the plugin card:


  1. Before installing the plugin, you can review all the features (accompanied with screenshots), then click the Install button to proceed,
  2. You will be asked if you want to link the plugin, click the Continue button:


  1. You will be redirected to the Enum's dashboard page. If you didn't register yet please click the registration link in the same window, and finish the registration process, then finish setting up a project as described in the section below.



Please note 2 parameters that are being passed to the Enum dashboard: website_id and token. Both parameters are available for Enum only during this plugin installation so it's crucially important to finish the login/registration process. These parameters will be used to identify you as the Crisp website owner and nobody else will not have access to your data.

Enum dashboard

After you're been redirected to Enum's dashboard, please register if you didn't do it yet, login, or create a new project.

  1. Register at Enum (opens in a new tab), confirm your email, and login.

  2. Create a new project, then for that project add the data sources (see the guide on this topic).

  3. In the project's Chatbot settings, click the Crisp logo, under the Add a new chatbot title: image

  4. The chatbot will be created and you will see its default settings:



You can have multiple chatbots. If you install a chatbot and see the wrong website id in the dropdown, just change it to a correct one and save the chatbot.

That's it! You can make sure your chatbot is working by just visiting your own website with the Crisp installed and asking a question on your topic.


Please remember the chatbot will answer the questions about the data sources you loaded for the current project.

  1. Change other settings for your Crisp chatbot. Now you can change some settings that will help make your chatbot more "intelligent" (for more details, see the next section (opens in a new tab).