Don't leave your users behind

Easily connect your Crisp chatbox with your data to assist your users even when you are out of the office

Plugin integration page

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How it works

Load your data

Upload the documents, or enter text manually, or let our app scrape your website

  • Plain text
  • PDF files
  • Website (fully or partially crawled, including or excluding subdomains) or URLs entered manually.
  • Re-index websites later easily

Integrate your Crisp account with the Support AI ChatBot

  • Install the plugin in one click
  • register at Enum
  • make several settings, customize your chatbot, and you are set to go!
  • the chatbot is 100% white-labeled for each plan
  • have Crisp triggers and chatbot help you users without races

Let the chatbot assist your users

  • Custom messages for custom logic
  • include links in the response
  • custom icon and name
  • custom prompts for smarter behaviour and personality
  • conversational AI!
  • responds in 107 languages
  • disable/enable the chatbot
  • chatbot pauses automatically if an agent joins the conversation
  • almost "human-like" behaviour.

Even more automation!

  • Add custom buttons to the response: feedback, mark as resolved, and request a human operator
  • Custom prompt can contain the variable of current language
  • Re-run the chatbot when resolving a conversation in the Crisp dashboard

Crisp integrations at your service

Now you can easily connect all there integrations with just a mouse click:

  • email
  • whatsapp
  • aircall
  • telegram
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • twilio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crisp?

Crisp is a tool for communicating with your users, you can start for free.

Which type of data can I load?

You can load plain text, PDF files, or a website URL that will be scraped fully, partially, or you can enter URLs manually.

Should I train a chatbot?

No, you shouldn't. All you need to do is to upload your documents that you want the chatbot to search an answers in.

Can I use my own OpenAI key?

Yes, you can, on the "Key" plan please check our pricing.

Is the integration Crisp with Enum complicated process?

No, it's not. Just install a plugin, then register at Enum (you will be redirected to our website automatically) and make a couple of settings. Read more here.

Can I disable the chatbot temporarily?

Yes, you can. Just switch the "Disable chatbot" on and you are good to go.

How much is the plugin?

It's free. You may consider to move to a paid plan to increase the limits on data and usage (questions/pages).

Can I customize the chatbot?

Yes, absolutely. You can set up a custom icon and add the custom messages, read more here.

Should I code to use the plugin?

No, you shouldn't. But you need to follow our manual and install the plugin from the Crisp dashboard.

I can't find the plugin on the marketplace, have you removed it?

No, we didn't. But sometimes, we do some changes and test it, so we set the plugin private what makes it invisible on the marketplace. If it happens please don't worry and just use this link to install it.

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