Enum changelog

new feature
May 15, 2024
The GPT-4o model is available for the "Key" plans!

This new model that is faster and twice cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo. Find more details on this model on the official OpenAI website.

new feature
May 6, 2024
Media files as a user input, improved crawling UI, and a new plan
User can ask question with voice and send images

Finally, we implemented the feature that you've been waiting for a long time! Users now can send their voice messages as audio files, and upload images accompanying their questions. See how it works:

Right now, we support more than 99 audio formats (MP3, MP4, MP2, AAC, WAV, FLAC, PCM, M4A, Ogg, Opus, WebM and many others - with some limitations) and 4 main image formats: PNG, JPEG (and JPG), WEBP, and GIF (not animated at the moment).

Improved crawling experience

We changed our crawling workflow: now, the crawling doesn't remove all the already indexed pages but leave them as is and add new ones. You can then use the improved filters to find those new pages:

A new plan for a busy chatbot

If your chatbot is busy you may try this new plan: just for $139, you can load up to 10,000 pages of data and your users may ask up to 10,000 questions in a month.

A new option: no buttons for a greeting message

Some of our users find showing buttons on a greeting message a bit weird, and we totally agree with them! Now, you can easily hide the buttons (but only for the greeting message, of course):

new feature
April 15, 2024
First instruments, custom buttons, and other sweet things
Check a parcel and read websites right in a conversation

If you have a business related with fulfilment orders, your users may be interested to check their delivery status. It's not can be done right in the chatbot. The first step for you is to install the corresponding instrument:

Then your users ask the chatbot as usually, the asking for a needed information is embedded seamlessly:

Currently, we have available 5 instruments:

  • Check parcel status by a tracking number
  • Read any webpage on the Internet and ask questions about it
  • Run a custom query (can be used on data from your other project)
  • Get data from any API (you provide the endpoint, parameters, credentiasl)
  • Extract data from JSON with a specified prompt.

Show links in the Interaction window

It's very easy to see the links in the Interaction page. You just need to switch this setting on in the project's setting page (AI Settings).

Add links to the indexing content

You may want to force the indexing links that can be found in the content. To do it, just set this settings ON:

new feature
March 12, 2024
Stick to context, have more stats, be in the know and other features
If you want the chatbot to stick to context

These new project settings will force your chatbot to stick to the context or return the standard "I don't know" answer. Find more information in the documentation.

Stats: group by a chatbot and count conversations

Select this new option "Group by chatbot" and you will see how your chatbots perform side-by-side.

Do not miss new posts

Don't miss out announcement posts, suggestions from others, ideas and bug fixes! The setting in the Notification center.

Control the Enum chatbot from outside but without the Crisp chatbot

Thanks to one of our users, we discovered that the chatbot can be controlled not from the Crisp chatbot but also with a pinch of JavaScript. See the update in the documentation.

Bug fixes

We finally were able to reproduce and fixe a couple of pretty annoying bugs:

  • indexing and retrieving data is now much better
  • we sort the data sources in the chatbox properly.

new feature
February 1st, 2024
Greeting message, configurable links, user name and other features
The greeting message...

You can now set up the greeting message that the chatbot will say in the beginning of the conversation (when the user says hi):.

... and the user name

Do not forget to provide the corresponding instructions for your chatbot (via the custom prompt). Both settings can be found in the "Chatbot in session" on the "Custom behavior & Automation", read details in the documentation.

Do not miss comments and replies in the feedback board

You now can be notified if you get a new reply or comment to your post. The settings can be found in the Notification center of your settings:

Control how many links to be shown

Specify how many links in the message to be shown, the settings can be found in the chatbot's properties page (the General tab). Please note that the number is the maximal amount of links, so if our system found less relevant sources, the number will be lower.

Collect stats on button clicks

If you set up showing the standard buttons, you may want to know how many times and which buttons have been clicked.  After turning this feature on, you wait a bit (to collect the data) and see the stat on the Stat page of your project. Here you can choose to see stats on all chatbots, or on a specific one, the period (daily, weekly, or monthly) and how the data is counted. Read more in our documentation.

A new plan for those who think big...

This new plan can be a perfect option for companies with big volumes of questions asked via chatbox, so switch to it whenever you are ready! (Only for those with their own OpenAI key).

new feature
January 15th, 2024
Integration with Crisp chatbot and new feedback board
Start and pause our chatbot from your Crisp chatbot

If you user Crisp chatbot to automate interaction with your users and make support more effective, you now can start and pause our chatbot based on conditions, using buttons and in any other available way. Read the full guide in our documentation.

Feedback board is waiting for your thoughts and feature requests!

Share with us and other users your thoughts and concerns, feature requests and bug reports. You can also create a private post that will be visible to only you and us.

Our chatbot may start paused

If you use Crisp chatbot you may the Enum chatbot paused waiting for the signal to start. It could be useful to verify some conditions first or to make some actions. More details in our full guide.

Test your chatbot safely, without affecting your users

This new setting allows you to test the chatbot right in the Enum dashboard, without running it on your website even if your Enum chatbot is installed and active.

new feature
December 18th, 2023
Ignore and remove your pages, add fine-tuning parameters, use OpenAI Assistant, and many other updates
Ignore and remove the pages

If you select some pages to be ignored, they will not be indexed. Also, you can now remove the content of some pages. These two actions are available from data source:

Fine-tuning parameters

Change the size of text chunks stored in the index database, the number of chunks passed to ChatGPT as context, and the density of the text when parsing your website or other data sources. You can change these parameters in the project's AI settings and for the data source.

OpenAI Assistant is available

OpenAI Assistant is now available for the "Key" plan. Please note, that only GPT-4 Turbo model is available if you want to upload your own data.

Pause the chatbot if a user asks for human assistance

If you want the chatbot to be quiet after a user asks for human assistance, it can be done easily with this new setting.

Project's logs

We started logging the errors occurring when your chatbot answers the questions. So, if suddenly you see the chatbot stops working, please check your logs - in many cases, the reason could be you are out of your OpenAI limits...

Change your payment information and download invoices

These new options are available on the Billing page.

new feature
November 16th, 2023
Run your chatbot on schedule and edit the data sources!
Run the chatbot on schedule

With just several clicks, specify the recurring time slots when you want your chatbot to run or to be paused. Many different options for recurrency are available.

Edit your data sources

Now, whatever you upload - a plain text, or PDF, or the whole website - you can review and edit the textual data what can help with improving the chatbot replies.

Read from sitemap file

Load the list of your website pages not by crawling (what can be slow and tedious) but from sitemap XML file.

A new model from OpenAI

Start experimenting with a new model GPT-4 Turbo! (Available for the "Key" plan).

new feature
October 15th, 2023
Crisp integrations and live testing
7 Crisp Integrations

Why limit your communication channels with just a Crisp chatbox? Users may connect you via Instagram, or Facebook, so does our chatbot! Just check the corresponding integration and you are good to go!

The available integrations are:

  • Aircall
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Twilio
  • WhatsApp

This is how it looks:

Test your chatbot without installing

Right in your dashboard, even before pasting a line of code to your live website - available on the Live Test tab of your chatbot settings:

Other, really neat things
  • We now can load the information from your website even if it's protected by captcha
  • You can add multiple chatbots to the same data source
  • Fixed the text loading for non-English websites.
new feature
September 28, 2023
Buttons for responds and bug fixes
Add more interaction

Now, you can ask your user to give feedback (up or down vote), they also can request a human assistance with just clicking one button, or resolve their issue.

Many bug fixes and small improvements

We fixed a lot of bugs that were not critical but just annyoing, for example:

  • chatbot didn't wait to timeout properly (when waiting for triggers)
  • resoved conversation became non-resolved because chatbot sends response
  • indexing websites takes forever for big sites

new feature
September 12, 2023
New automation, improved chatbot quality, Enum for businesses
Automated re-running your chatbot

Now, the paused chatbot (due to the fact the an agent joins the conversation) can be re-run easily right from the Crisp.chat dashboard: all you need is to resolve the conversation!

Chatbot quality and improved website parsing

We improved the quality of the chatbot and also, now the links are included in the text extracted from your websites (before, the links were only used for looking other pages).

Enum for businesses

Businesses now can provide the tax information on checkout.

Metadata for your prompt: the question language

If your prompts replaces the default one, you can use the metadata variable to provide the automatic answering in the language of the original question. Find details in the documentation.

Multiple chatbots

Finally, you can easily add multiple Crisp chatbots into the same account (before, our users had to request the change because the system couldn't support multiple chatbots).

new feature
August 14th, 2023
Conversational AI, custom prompts, and other updates
Conversational AI

Before, the chatbot didn't know the context of the conversation. It was pretty frustrating for many of your users. For example, look at this dialog:

As you can see, it didn't keep the context and totally forgot what was the conversation about.

Custom prompts

You can now enter your own instructions for the chatbot. For example, you can tell it something like that: "I want you to act as a drunk person. You will only answer like a very drunk person texting and nothing else." This is a funny example but it can make users feel the chatbot "more humanoid".

Please note that custom prompt is available for UI too, so you can experiment with it not worrying to screw up your users.

Other updates
  • Crisp Trigger support - now both of them could work side-by-side without interrupting and diplicating responses (read details in the docs)
  • Custom chatbot name (for each plan)

Update. Please note, we moved the custom messages and custom prompt settings from the chatbot settings to the project settings to make all there settings to be available for both UI and chatbot.

new feature
August 7th, 2023
Links in the response, language support, and other cool updates!
Links in the response

Now, you can show the relevant links in the response. Note, the chatbot is smart enough to distinguish the question from a greeting so it will not show the links when a user just says "hi".

Note. To activate this feature, you need to re-index your data source (if you already have some) and set the flag in your chatbot settings.

Easy re-index existing data sources

If you already have data sources, you can re-index them easily:

Other updates
  • We added the full language support - now our chatbot can speak in 107 languages!
  • Can crawl subdomains when indexing your website
  • Automation - the chatbot is paused automatically if an agent joins the conversation
new feature
June 30th, 2023
Important update and new features
Important update

We have made significant improvements to our chatbot, enhancing its ability to search for answers, respond faster, and engage in a more "human-like" manner. For optimal results, we kindly request that you re-index your data sources. To do so, simply remove your existing data sources and add them again. You can find more information about data sources in our documentation.

New features
  • More flexibility when adding a website as a datasource
  • you can now temporarily disable your chatbot
  • custom messages in the cases when the chatbot doesn't know the answer, or if a user wants to talk to a human being.
new feature
June 22nd, 2023
Moved to Stripe payments, updated prices, and made the chatbot improvements

We decided to move to the Stripe payments as they give more flexibility with our price model. Right now, you can select one of the plan and you will not be restricted if you use more questions (just pay 2 cents for any additional question).

We also added an automatic answer if you chatbot doesn't know the answer, and you can set up a cute chatbot icon or select your own:

new feature
June 5th, 2023
Payments are accepted

We fixed a lot of bugs and added the payment functionality.

You now can buy a subscription with one of the methods:

  • PayPal account
  • debit or credit card.
May 23, 2023
Documentation added

We added and started writing the Enum documentation

We created the documentation section on our website and now, you can read about more on Enum and using Crisp with it:

new feature
May 18, 2023
Support for Formulas and UI Enhancements

Today, we have deployed some exciting features and enhancements!

  • You can now work with documents that contain formulas and equations.
  • If an answer includes a formula, it will be rendered correctly and appear visually appealing
  • You can submit your questions by simply pressing the "Enter" button

Known bugs:

  • Occasionally, the answer may contain minor artifacts that could be slightly annoying, but they will not disrupt your overall interaction.
May 11, 2023
Beta launched

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the very first version of Enum!

This version has full functionality for working with your own documents and data sources:

  • You can upload your own PDF files, as well as plain text and parse websites.
  • You can use an OpenAI API key and have unlimited conversations about your data.
  • You can choose from 6 available models.
  • You can ask questions using our user interface (UI).