Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
Hey Mike, how's it going with your business?
Ugh, it's a nightmare. 😩 I'm swamped and totally exhausted. 🤔
Users, customers, clients they all want something from me all the time. Yesterday I even didn't brush my teeth
Have you ever thought about using a chatbot to help out? Like Enum?
A chatbot? Enum? What the heck is that. I dunno, sounds complicated.
Nah, it's actually super easy to set up. Plus, it can take a load off your shoulders.
Easy? How easy are we talking?
Like, you could probably get it up and running during our chat. It's pretty much plug and play.
Hmm, not sure. What if it says something dumb or can't find the info?
It's smarter than you think. It can keep the convo and can access your data.
Which data?
Like your website. Or, I remember, you had something stored as pdf.
Alright, I'll give it a shot. But if this backfires, I'm sending the bots after you!😅
Deal! Let me know how it goes.
Day later...
Okay, not gonna lie, setting up that chatbot was a piece of cake.
Told ya! How's it handling the requests?
So far, so good. I keep waiting for it to mess up, but it's been solid.
See? You can start to relax a bit now.
Yeah, I guess. I'm still keeping an eye on it, though.
Of course. It'll take some time to trust the process.
Very funny, but the chatbot handled a spam query like a champ.
Oh yeah? How'd it go down?
Just gave them the bureaucratic runaround.😂 It was like watching a pro at work.
This was nice haha.
Let's see more.
Next step, world domination with chatbots.
Also, I added the Instruments feature to my project.
Ah, yeah. I use them too. How's it working out?
It's actually helping users track their orders. I'm impressed.
Awesome! Anything else it's been doing?
Well, it's answering FAQs and following up with customers.
Sounds like it's becoming your right-hand bot.
Yeah, it's freeing up my time. I'm not ready to throw a parade, but it's cool.
Small victories, Mike. Small victories.
Next day...
F! The chatbot just upsold a customer on an accessory. I didn't even know it could do that.
Making money in your sleep, huh?
Seems like it. I'm still not used to this "hands-off" approach.
It'll grow on you.
It's been gathering feedback for our services. It was soooo easy to add. It's asking right in the same window. Some of the insights are actually useful.
Look at you, getting all this valuable data without lifting a finger!
Yeah, yeah. Don't rub it in. 😏
But it handled it well?
Perfectly, according to the prompt. Customer seemed happy.
Cool! It's doing its job.
I guess. It's weird not being in the weeds with everything.
It's called scaling, my friend. Welcome to the club.🍻🍻🍻
Cheers to that. Still, I'm watching it like a hawk.
Old habits die hard, huh?
2 days later...
Had a customer with a weird issue, and the bot actually escalated it to me.
Sounds interesting.
True. It didn't try to wing it and make things worse.
It's like having a smart assistant who knows their limits.
I'm starting to see the benefits. Still not throwing a party for it, though.
No need for a party, just enjoy the peace of mind.
2 days later...
How is it going?
Good. Really good. You won't believe in it but I'm actually getting used to this.
Welcome to the future, Mike. Chatbots and chill.😎😎
Haha, maybe. I'll admit, it's nice not being glued to my desk. But there is a problem.
What is that?
I donno what to do with my time. I have too much free time now, wtf!
That's the spirit! You can start another business or take Emily to the zoo... finally...
Oh yeah. I will. Thanks for the push towards the bots.
Anytime, man. Here's to less stress and more success.
Cheers to that.🥂
This dialog was written with the small help of the Enum chatbot. Based on a true story.

Written By

KM, founder of Enum

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